Michael Pfenning

* 1969


Grown up, school education and apprenticeship as a travel agent - in Zurich/Switzerland. Autodidactic artistic education with visiting courses in photography, black-and-white lab, digital picture editing, drawing/illustration, airbrush and painting technique with acryl and oil colours.




Education in drawing and painting aswell as photography / black-and-white photography lab work at Hans Hunold (Bühl highschool, Zurich). Course in airbrush at Roger Johner. First works in airbrush, mostly on textiles.



Drawing works in cartoon style as well as drawing projects like postcard series and personal greeting cards for the staff of a major company.  First steps into lightning and thunderstorm photography. First digital works based on photography, scan, print screen. The first digital print on canvas is realised in 1998.


2000 years

Digital and drawing works aswell as in-depth studies into the theme of lightning and thunderstorm photography. 



Moving to Schaffhausen/Switzerland with own Atelier. Intense focussing the processus of finding an own style where digital pictures can be finshed into an artwork by using drawing and painting.


Opening the own website www.michaelpfenning.net 



Opening the facebook site >  www.facebook.com/bildermanufaktur.pfenning

Finding & definition of the own working style as PRINT'N'PAINT: Own motives are printed with inkjet onto canvas and are finished into a unique artwork by using mixed media in the atelier place.

Creating works in the PAINT and PRINT'N'PAINT styles.



First solo exhibition, „Farben über Fluss 2015“, Kraftwerk Gallery, Schaffhausen/Switzerland, March till April 2015.


- 2016

Continuous creation of works mostly in the PRINT'N'PAINT style but also in conventional working styles. Also the handmade art cards (Kunstkarten) are getting more and more popular.